Episode 11: Grandmothers of America


On this episode we invite Johnny Hanson and Joey Schultz into the studio to discuss their ongoing project titled, Grandmothers of America. The two are traveling throughout the United States doing archival work centered on documenting stories and photographing the many Grandmothers they encounter along the way.

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Episode 10: Lux Mermista


On this episode of The BWOMS Podcast we welcome Lux Mermista, a progressive pop band from El Paso, TX. We discuss and preview some of their EP The Actress

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Episode 9: Zyme One


Joining us in the studio is local rapper and storyteller, Zyme One

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The BWOMS Podcast - Episode 007 - Rex Owen Waide


On this episode of The BWOMS Podcast we welcome our good friend Rex Owen Waide into the studio. We discuss his latest publication "Dream of Chaos in Silence" (Bleak Ink Press, 2017), his influences and style, working in other mediums, and so much more.

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