Episode 28: Sleepwalker's Station


On this episode, we welcome Daniel del Valle(Sleepwalker’s Station) on his tour all the way from Berlin Germany. He was the BWOMS featured artist on Tuesday, March 20th at The Black Orchid Lounge and performed all week in the EP/LC area as part of the Sonnenaufgang Tour. With a live studio audience in attendance, we discuss Daniel's upcoming album, "Lorca" and inquire about many aspects of life as a traveling musician. At the end of the episode, we share a BWOMS exclusive sneak peek at a track from the upcoming album. Tune in!

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Episode 27: Tafari Nugent


Hosted by Richie David Marrufo and Roberto Santos, we welcome our good friend, Tafari Nugent, UTEP Creative Writing MFA and Professor. We dive deep into a variety of subjects including chess, kung-fu films, hip-hop, Brooklyn, New York stories, moving to El Paso after 9/11, creative writing, photography, and much more. Tune in!

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Episode 26: Phobia The Prophet


On this episode, we welcome El Paso rapper and lyricist, Phobia The Prophet. We discuss his early forays into music and eventual emergence into the local hip hop scene, collaborating with other artists, developing his writing craft, and projects on the horizon. He also spits a new piece acapella and give plenty of shoutouts throughout the interview. Give it a listen!

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Episode 25: Christopher J Serrano


On this episode, we welcome good friend to the show, El Paso's drummer, Christopher Serrano. We discuss his philosophy on rhythm/percussion, Monk drums, performing and recording, practicing, and plans for the future. Lots of shoutouts in this one. We also jam a little bit.

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Episode 24: Damian Gray


On this episode, we welcome El Paso singer-songwriter, Damian Gray. We discuss playing Bass for Foxy Mojo, his songwriting, busking, open mics, and the music scene. We also talk about The Gray Area Blog and his Quixotic Sunrise Series. Lots of shoutouts in this episode, so listen up!

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