Episode 32: Myrlin Hepworth


On this episode, we welcome our good friend, Myrlin Hepworth into the studio. We discuss the worlds of poetry, education, music production, being a traveling artist, podcasting, video production, and his newly released album, "Remember Why."

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Episode 31: Naughty A. Mouse


On this episode, we welcome Jordan Bubin a.k.a. Naughty A Mouse. He is a poet and teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. He hops on the microphone as Naughty Mouse to educate, as well as entertain. As a graduate of both Princeton and USC Law, he never let his schooling get in the way of his education, and his passion is making knowledge accessible and exciting to everyone. We caught him on his "Fine White Powders" tour where he mixes slams from his new illustrated zine with storytelling from the history of cocaine, heroin, and sugar.

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Episode 30: C'bs Alife Allah


On this episode, we welcome C’bs Alife Allah into the studio, co-author of the Hood Health Handbook Vol. 1 & 2, Knowledge of Self, and Science of Self. He was in El Paso as part of his D.O.P.E. (Decolonization of People Everywhere) conference tour as well as a featured speaker spot in EPCC’s Spring Arts Festival where he discussed radical self care. On this episode we dive into the Hood Health network, looking at health through the lens of hip hop, living a plant-based diet, the importance of controlling our narratives, deconstructing “soul food,” environmental racism, uplifting community, zombie foods and so much more!

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Episode 29: Rebel Agnostic


On this episode, we welcome lyricist and spoken word performer, Jesus Gomez Jr. a.k.a. Rebel Agnostic. We talk about his early days performing, Ribo Flavin', collaborations, upcoming projects, martial arts, listen to some acapella , and his upcoming EP.

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Episode 28: Sleepwalker's Station


On this episode, we welcome Daniel del Valle(Sleepwalker’s Station) on his tour all the way from Berlin Germany. He was the BWOMS featured artist on Tuesday, March 20th at The Black Orchid Lounge and performed all week in the EP/LC area as part of the Sonnenaufgang Tour. With a live studio audience in attendance, we discuss Daniel's upcoming album, "Lorca" and inquire about many aspects of life as a traveling musician. At the end of the episode, we share a BWOMS exclusive sneak peek at a track from the upcoming album. Tune in!

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