Episode 38: Monica Wrobel


On this episode of the BWOMS Podcast we welcome Monica Wrobel into the studio. Monica joins us from Buffalo, NY post-graduation doing a fellowship with Latinitas and working on the Southern border. We discuss her foray into songwriting as well as her concept album centered around the pied-piper archetype and what we can learn from those themes.

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Episode 37: Adrian Loya


On this episode, we welcome musician and lyricist, Adrian Loya into the studio. With guitalele in hand, we discuss a range of topics including growing up into music, space, Riboflavin days, creating for the market versus artistic exploration, "moontalk," agricultural aspirations, writing with intention and indulgence, plus making choices.

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Episode 36: Robertha


We welcome singer-songwriter, Robertha Sepulveda into the studio and reminisce on her music career over a bottle of wine. We touch on subjects like open mics, early music stories, finding content for songwriting, family, and much more. We also get samples of two of her tracks, "Love Junky" and "Up In Flames."

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Episode 35: Rubí Orozco Santos


On this episode, we welcome Rubí Orozco Santos into the studio. We discuss her book of poetry Inventos Mios(2018) which was supported through a grant from the City of El Paso's Museums and Cultural Affairs Department(MCAD), through its Artist Incubator Program (AIP). She discusses the interviews, observations, and research that went into writing the book, plus all the people who put in time and work into the final product.

We also discuss her work in ancestral health, community building, Son Jorocho, instagram challenges, and much more. From the book, Rubí reads the poems "Ingredients" and "Poem About The Ingenuity of Husbands," plus plays a little bit of her jarana.

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Episode 34: Soul Parade


On this episode we welcome indie pop / synth rock band, Soul Parade, into the studio. We discuss their latest EP, Phantasm Romance (2018), band history, philosophy on music production, shows, the music scene, and all sorts of fun along the way. Tune in and share with your friends!

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