Episode 42: Juliette Guerrero


On this episode, we welcome singer-songwriter Juliette Guerrero from Hobbs, NM. With a ukelele in hand, Juliette shares a few of her songs we discuss her music career, motivations, favorite holiday, and more! We did have some technical difficulties at various points with the audio. Hopefully it doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the show.

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Episode 41: Samantha Pichardo


On this episode, we welcome poet and writer Samantha Pichardo. She shares three of her poems: "Mis Mejores Deseos," "Home," and "Sin Inspiracion." Keep an eye out for her debut book, The Mess You Made (2019)

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Episode 40: Mountain Vibes


On this episode we welcome Mountain Vibes, an alternative folk rock and electric blues band from El Paso, TX. We share a lot of laughs, discuss the comic book origins of the band, favorite shows, collaborations, and answer questions from fans.

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Episode 39: Manny Lozano


On this episode we welcome musician Manny Lozano into the studio do discuss his music projects, writing, teaching, technique, tour life, and much more. Unfortunately, we had a few technical issues with the sound in this episode, but we hope it doesn't fully take away from your enjoyment.

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Episode 38: Monica Wrobel


On this episode of the BWOMS Podcast we welcome Monica Wrobel into the studio. Monica joins us from Buffalo, NY post-graduation doing a fellowship with Latinitas and working on the Southern border. We discuss her foray into songwriting as well as her concept album centered around the pied-piper archetype and what we can learn from those themes.

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