Learn More About Our Online Open Mics


During the pandemic we have shifted to Monday night online open mics from 8pm - 11pm Mountain Standard Time called The Stay at Home Open Mic. These sessions are held through a Zoom meeting and streamed live to our Youtube channel. Performances are limited to 5-7 minutes each, and we are offering up to 20 performance slots.


To participate is easy:

  1. Sign up to perform
  2. As the event is starting, log into Zoom and join the meeting
  3. Enjoy the show and wait to be called upon to perform. 


To sign up, look for the weekly signup sheet posted on our linktree (just be aware of the date to make sure that you are signing up for the right date). Save the info to your calendar so you don't forget. You can also be kept up to date with shows and performance opportunities by following us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel to view past shows, performer highlights, and to be notified when we go LIVE.


While this is a free speech event and we don't want to censor creativity, all we ask is that you "Respect the Mic" and one another. This means that you should not interrupt or speak over other performers when it is their turn. Any hate speech, incendiary comments, or bullying will be grounds for ejection from the event. We wish for an inclusive space of support and understanding. 


Our events are free to the public, but you can support with a small donation




Please familiarize yourself with the Zoom software beforehand for best results. Since this is a performance, please consider joining from a well-lit and mostly quiet location (if possible). Headphones are suggested. If you plan on playing music, it is suggested that you disable Zoom's noise suppression and "Turn On Original Sound" for best sound quality. Fore a more detailed explanation and gear recommendations, please check out our Best Practices (coming soon)



For any questions, please email us: JEZTS0lXHRURZENJRU1ICkdLSQ@nospam

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