BWOMS Fresh Cuts: Denise Saenz - "Teonanácatl"

Welcome to Episode 2 of "Fresh Cuts," A video series dedicated to showcasing the works of writers, storytellers, and songwriters in our community. On today's episode we welcome Denise Saenz!


Denise is a chicana poet who uses poetry to heal. Not only herself but her community. Breaking and healing from generational trauma. We carry the wounds of our ancestors as well as their knowledge, poetry is the perfect vehicle to shine light on both.


You can support and connect with Denise online:

Denise on Facebook

Denise on Instagram

Send her a virtual tip through Venmo: Denise-Saenz-7


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Intro Music by Gambol

Produced by Richie D. Marrufo:

Filmed on location at Power at the Pass

Presented by The Barbed Wire Open Mic Series, A BorderSenses Project

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A Power at the Pass production El Paso, TX, 2021

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