Episode 31: Naughty A. Mouse

On this episode, we welcome Jordan Bubin a.k.a. Naughty A Mouse. He is a poet and teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. He hops on the microphone as Naughty Mouse to educate, as well as entertain. As a graduate of both Princeton and USC Law, he never let his schooling get in the way of his education, and his passion is making knowledge accessible and exciting to everyone. We caught him on his "Fine White Powders" tour where he mixes slams from his new illustrated zine with storytelling from the history of cocaine, heroin, and sugar.

Hosted by Richie D. Marrufo, project director of The Barbed Wire Open Mic Series.

Intro song: "Mingus" by MCMA 
Closing song: "BrokenBeat Chronicles No. 6" by Richie D. Marrufo

Produced by Power at the Pass 
El Paso, TX