Episode 30: C'bs Alife Allah

On this episode, we welcome C’bs Alife Allah into the studio, co-author of the Hood Health Handbook Vol. 1 & 2, Knowledge of Self, and Science of Self. He was in El Paso as part of his D.O.P.E. (Decolonization of People Everywhere) conference tour as well as a featured speaker spot in EPCC’s Spring Arts Festival where he discussed radical self care. On this episode we dive into the Hood Health network, looking at health through the lens of hip hop, living a plant-based diet, the importance of controlling our narratives, deconstructing “soul food,” environmental racism, uplifting community, zombie foods and so much more!

Hosted by Richie David Marrufo and Roberto Santos

Follow C’bs Alife Allah and Hood Health Network online:
e-mail: D3tnZnxnYGBrZ2puY3tnT2hibmZjIWxgYg@nospam

Opening track: “Barbed Wire Fire” by the BWOMS Band 
Closing track: “Love, Music, and Salad” by A Billi Free - Purchase the track online through bandcamp

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El Paso, TX