Episode 28: Sleepwalker's Station

On this episode, we welcome Daniel del Valle (Sleepwalker’s Station) on his tour all the way from Berlin Germany. He was the BWOMS featured artist on Tuesday, March 20th at The Black Orchid Lounge and performed all week in the EP/LC area as part of the Sonnenaufgang Tour. With a live studio audience in attendance, we discuss Daniel's upcoming album, "Lorca" and inquire about many aspects of life as a traveling musician. At the end of the episode, we share a BWOMS exclusive sneak peek at a track from the upcoming album. Tune in!

Hosted by Richie David Marrufo, project director of The Barbed Wire Open Mic Series.

Find out more and follow the band online:

This episode was sponsored by The Gray Area Blog and Cahoots Production.

Opening track: "Barbed Wire Fire" by The BWOMS Band
Closing track: "Hacia Marte" by Sleepwalker's Station (special exclusive)

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El Paso, TX

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