Episode 15: Def-i, J-Scribe, & Watzreal

On this episode, we welcome Def-I, J Scribe, and Watzreal into the studio – right on the El Paso leg of their "Third Eye Wide" Tour. Def-I is a an emcee, producer, and hip-hop practitioner out of Albuquerque, NM. He talks about growing up Diné and the relevancy of the cultural base number of 4 within indigenous culture and in hip hop. J-Scribe out of Oakland, CA shares his love for language, getting into the culture, and aspirations for finding resources for entrepreneurs. Watzreal out of Berkeley / San Francisco, CA discusses the catalyst to start writing from a science class, participating in and eventually working for 'Beats Rhymes and Life' – a hip hop therapy based non-profit based in Oakland. Overall, the group discusses meeting one another, the significance of their tour name, collaborations, beatboxing flute sessions, open mics, the best advice they've received, and we dive into some of their own works.

Find them online:
Def-I: @def_i (instagram)
J Scribe: @jscribe (instagram) /
Watzreal: @watzrealdamc (instagram)

Tracks this episode:
"Water is Life" by Def-I
"Keep it Lit" by J-Scribe
"Just a Dream" by Watzreal
Intro/Closing Music "Metaphorical Muze(sic)" by Endangered Language

Presented by Power at the Pass, 2017
Hosted by Richie David Marrufo, project director of the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series (BWOMS)

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