Episode 11: Grandmothers of America

On this episode we invite Johnny Hanson and Joey Schultz into the studio to discuss their ongoing project titled, Grandmothers of America. The two are traveling throughout the United States doing archival work centered on documenting stories and photographing the many Grandmothers they encounter along the way. We were joined by filmmakers Valentin Sandoval and Laura Bustillos Jáquez as we discuss the project, working through the medium, earning trust and following through with integrity towards our work, finding funding and sponsorship, inspiration and the the types of beauty and knowledge to be found in the project. We also listen to a song of Johnny and Joey's that we recorded in the studio called "Live like Children."

Find out more about their work at

Presented by Power at the Pass, 2017
Hosted by Richie David Marrufo, project director of the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series (BWOMS)

Opening track: "Metaphorical Muze(sic)" by Endangered Language
Closing track: "Live Like Children" by Johnny Hanson and Joey Schultz

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