Episode 52: Richie Castro

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Richie Castro is a performing creative, traveling the world with music and storytelling. Castro shares, "I have lived, studied and performed in Asia, Europe, Mexico and throughout the United States for more than two decades, and have had the pleasure of trading smiles with people from all over the world from behind my guitar."


You can support and connect with Richie online:

Richie Castro on Facebook

You can also send a donation to Richie through Venmo, @Richie-Castro-5


The BWOMS Podcast is hosted and produced by Richie D. Marrufo, project director of the Barbed Wire Open Mic Series.


Bonus: Watch Richie Castro perform his original song on our show Fresh Cuts.

Here's his song "Tucson Coyote"

and "Train of Lola" (Link Coming Soon). 

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